Mask of Winters

The circles master


The Mask left the other Deathlords slackjawed when he brazenly attacked and subjugated the Realm satrapy of Thorns, and incidentally made himself the most (in)famous Deathlord in all Creation. For centuries, the Deathlords held a tacit agreement that they would move subtly against Creation, lest they suffer as the Black Heron does or give the living an enemy against whom to unite. Such subtlety became impossible once the Mask seized Thorns.

Since then, other Deathlords have scrambled to match his accomplishment—some more capably than others.

The Mask of Winters shows little interest in expansion and instead consolidates his hold over Thorns and stamps out all resistance. He seems to enjoy worming his way into the politics and diplomacy of the Confederation of Rivers, forcing the heads of other states to accept him as a power with whom they must negotiate.

His other great interest is destroying his fellow Deathlords. At any given time, nearly half his deathknights operates abroad in elaborate machinations to undermine his rivals. As usual for the Neverborn, the Deathlord’s masters take their time in registering an opinion. Perhaps they tolerate his perfidy because they think the Mask cannot destroy all his rivals without fatally wounding Creation in the process.

Perhaps they’re giving him rope with which to hang himself.

Perhaps their dreaming minds have not noticed. The Mask of Winters believes their silence constitutes an endorsement of his pursuit of his great destiny.

Mask of Winters

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