Tag: dragon blooded


  • Shey of house Iselsi

    Shey had a simple life. Meditate, practice Kata's, murder future Anathema. Lead to each new birthed solar by the All Seeing Eye, Shey was like a waterfall, constant and unyielding. Then one day his brotherhood lead some mortals to a manse where it is …

  • Wotish of house Cathak

    Last seen with the Wyld hunt tempting and luring the circle to the tomb of Balor. She has honeyed words and a sharp blade. She is one of [[:shey | Shey of house Iselsi]] brotherhood.

  • Runa of house Tepet

    one of [[:shey | Shey of house Iselsi]] 's brotherhood, she is always cheerfull and sorrounded by kites. It was always said by Shey that she never fought and always brought the spirit up of the brotherhood. Still he said she always made him uneasy for …

  • Ibara of house cynis

    they say that death is like a whisper, for Ibara it is one hushed word from miles away. He likes to track his enemy's from afar and pick them off from such a distance they can never retaliate. He is above all else patient and can wait weeks for the …