shadow exodus

story thus far
up to date quick and dirty

5 mortals in nexus, who have never met are arrested.  There they are told that for the safty of the town of Nexus they are to be sold to the guild. Taken from there home they are told they were a commission from the wyld hunt, since Realm dragon-blooded are not welcome in nexus. They are taken to a brotherhood who tells them they will enter a tomb where souls do not leave.  Once in they accidently unleash Balor and the souls of the 5 solars who put his soul in the prison. Joined with the solar souls they travel to Nexas where many evil plots flourish. They get tired of fighting for the Unconquered sun who will not answer there prayers and defect to the Death lord Mask of Winters who sends them on an errand to kill an escaped death knight and the last solar in the east to prove they are loyal…..


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